Removable upholstery covers

As a special highlight, our Solin upholstered bed has removable upholstery covers in the carcass and headboard area. The cover is attached with hook and loop tape and can be fitted or changed in a few easy steps without any manual skills. This results in the following advantages:

  • The cover is cleanable
  • Transport damage can be easily corrected
  • A new cover can be fitted if damaged during use or by pets
  • If the colour does not fit as desired, it is sufficient to change the cover, a complete exchange is not necessary.
All-round cover without mounting gap on the foot section

The headboard is supplied with a pre-assembled cover. The headboard cover can be changed by means of a zip fastener on the underside. The corpus parts are delivered without pre-assembled cover, the cover is fitted in a few simple steps when the bed is set up.