Mattress topper

Mattress toppers round off the sleeping system. The mattress brings stability and sleeping comfort, the topper brings comfort.

We have developed 3 systems for our box spring beds


1. Loose topper

The loose toppers can be placed on standard mattresses of your choice or on box spring mattresses with side cover upholstery fabric, matching the boxspring bed (Coiba, Cano, Pinta). The loose toppers can be bought separately or purchased separately. Their disadvantage is that the light topper slips on the mattress, especially with electrically adjustable head and foot sections.

2. Integrated topper

With the integrated topper, mattress core and topper are in one cover. The lower part of the cover can be made of upholstery fabric matching the box spring bed, the upper part is made of washable mattress ticking. The top and bottom parts are connected by a zip, so the topper cannot slip.

3. integrated topper with slit

Here, a special sewing technique is used to join the top and bottom sides of the mattress cover in such a way that an approx. 17 cm deep slit is created between the topper and the mattress core. When in use, a fitted sheet can only be pulled into the slit around the upper topper area, the lower area of the mattress remains visible as with the loose topper, but slipping is still impossible. The upper side of the cover is removable and washable

All toppers are available in three heights: Standard = 4 cm core height / Max = 6 cm core height / Super = 8 cm core height. The total heights are up to 3 cm higher depending on ticking and type. We recommend the standard 4 cm, because especially with soft and viscose foams a good balance between the supporting force of the mattress and the comfort of the topper is achieved.

The right topper foam, let your back decide

PU comfort foam: the universal all-rounder. The standard for relaxed dreams.

PU comfort foam is the material used as standard for the cover and edging of innerspring mattresses and box spring slats. PU comfort foam is more durable than cold foam but has a lower spring effect. The density or volume weight (RG in Kg/m³) is an indicator of quality and durability of this foam. From a density of 30 Kg/m³, one speaks of a good mattress quality. The second characteristic value is the compression hardness. The standard firmness H2 has a value of 30 to 35, firm mattresses H3 have a value of 40 to 45, from a value of 50 we speak of seht firm mattresses H4. Translated with (free version) For our toppers made of PU comfort foam we use a quality RG 35Kg/m³ and a compression hardness of 38. eingesetzt.

 Hypersoft HR foam:: soft, breathe-active. Specially developed for gentle sleep.

Hypersoft Foam is a relatively new HR foam that has been specially developed for toppers and quilting. The large pores of the material create a breath-active, very soft topper that provides extra comfort, especially in firm mattresses. We recommend a topper height of 4 cm, as the soft foam can create a "lying hollow" effect if the topper is too high. For our toppers made of Hypersoft foam we use a quality RG 32Kg/m³ and a compression hardness of 15  For our toppers made of Hypersoft foam we use a quality RG 32Kg/m³ and a compression hardness of 15 eingesetzt

HRV foam:: High-Resiliency Foam, supports the spine.

HR foam is a foam with a high spring effect. Especially in the mattress area it can show its abilities. After production, the pores are opened by a crash process to obtain a breat-active foam. Toppers made of HR foam provide a point-elastic, breathe-active rounding off of the sleeping system and support the adaptation of the mattress to the body shape. Für unsere Topper aus HRV Schaum wird eine Qualität RG 35Kg/m³ und eine Stauchhärte 30 eingesetzt

Memory foam:: Pressure equalisation, sink in and feel good

Unlike other types of foam, memory foam has no spring effect. Under load, it reacts sluggishly and has a damping effect. As with the viscosity of a liquid, it becomes softer with increasing temperature. Due to this property, it is used in mattresses to relieve pressure. The foam adapts to the shape of your body, stress peaks are reduced. Especially with firm mattresses, this effect rounds off the sleeping system and ensures comfort. We recommend a topper height of 4cm, as too high visco-heads can cause a recumbent chill effect. The foam parameters density and compression hardness are not decisive here.  For our standard viscose foam we use a quality RG 45Kg/m³ with a compression hardness of 15 eingesetzt

Gel foam: hot nights, cool dreams. Pressure balance, conducts body heat away, has a cooling effect

This innovative PUR flexible foam material with gel-like properties masterfully combines the benefits of gel and PUR foam in one material! Gelax® returns to its original form much faster than conventional viscoelastic foams. As a result, no resting recesses form, which in turn significantly improves freedom of movement during sleep. At the same time, the foam offers the resting body perfect pressure relief under all temperatures. Gelax® offers significantly greater breathability than gel and ensures pleasant sleeping conditions! Gel foam has a cooling effect by quickly dissipating the body temperature as with metal

Evopore-HRC foam New development from Switzerland. Optimised support effect long service life

soft foam Evo-Soft

firmly foam Evo-Firm

Premium quality upholstery. The couch hollowing effect during the sleeping phase is significantly reduced. Evopore HRC foam is a further development of HR foam, is durable and optimised for exposure to pressure, temperature and moisture. For more information click here

Viscopore: Viscose foam from Switzerland. Uniquely open-pored and breathable, washable

uniquely open-pored visco-foam from Switzerland. The air-permeable cell structure allows sweat to be absorbed. The foam is boil- and tumble-proof. For more information click here